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NeST entered the field of Equipment Control in semiconductor manufacturing segment in 1996; by taking up application development projects for Japanese cluster tool makers. Through constant interaction with our customers and end users, NeST developed a framework product for equipment control in wafer handling equipments. The product reduces the application development time for a cluster tool or standalone process module. In 1999, seeing the flexibility of the product and features supported in the product, a world leader in Semiconductor material handling systems, entered into a tie up with NeST. Today NeST is providing the entire application development as well as the product development and support for multiple OEMs and NeST products have an established presence in many fabs world over.NeST has been working in the Semiconductor industry from its inception and have built up a competency center with extensive knowledge in Equipment control for wafer handling systems, Host communications compliant GEM Standard, 300mm Standard implementations, solutions for different process equipments like Etcher, ALD, PVD, Ion Implantation, Metrology etc.

Global Support: NeST provides global software support services to end -to -end solution providers. The support program includes installation and configuration of the products, field failure analysis, product upgrades, software repair (Bug Fix) and engineering change management. We render services to fabs using various packages, popular in the industry, such as ConX300 from Asyst, iLink from Brooks Automation and Cim300 from Cimetrix.









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