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Mas500 – Pay-O-Matic Point of Sale Interface

This is an integration of Point Of Sale interface (Teller Links) with Sage ERP MAS 500 developed for Pay-O-Matic Corp (POM). This interface between Teller Links and MAS500 captures all store level transaction data and an auto-matching process is run to allow POM to quickly reconcile matching transactions to a secondary source of info to identify any discrepancies. Following modules are handled

  • Data Import Manager

User has to run Data Import Manager Application to load bank files to worktables. The file is parsed, data loaded into work tables, and moved into another folder. While loading bank supplied files, application keeps history of records imported. Erroneous records are logged separately in database.

The Vendors handled, i.e. Western Union Wire, Western Union Utility, Western Union Payout, POB, and Fiscript, are all converted into a custom Data Import Manager format to facilitate the import of general ledger entries to MAS 500 based on information on these files. POM will be using a Microsoft Access file format to import the data.

  • Auto matching and manual matching

User has to run auto matching/ manual matching procedures to match the teller link records to bank records or teller link to Vendor as per the matching criteria. It also provides adjustments to be automatically generated for variances discovered during the matching process within a concept code. These tolerance adjustments will post by store between a predefined set of accounts based on the concept code configuration.

The Tolerance Limit field in the GL xAPI Tab is used to define the maximum difference for which tolerance adjustment will be automatically created.

  • Correction UI and GL posting

This interface shows the matched records and unmatched records. Within this UI users make adjustment entries for unmatched records, and reruns the matching.

Adjusting Entries will be posted to GL if they have met the matching criteria for the concept code. Debit and Credit Posting Accounts will be defined by the GL accounts.

The team gained significant knowledge accumulation on MAS500 product, customization of MAS500 using .NET, and built a very complex matching process.

MAS500 to Accellos Interface

A MAS500 Interface was developed with upload and download processes that will get Vendor, Sales and Purchase order records form the MAS500 ERP Database and transfers to the Accellos WMS Database and also uploads records from the Accellos database to the MAS500 database. These processes are running as services, that will be constantly polling some tables and when records comes in the tables they are processed and transferred.

The interface code was using Accellos Integration framework for configuration setup, job service posting, event logging etc. The Integration Framework got enhanced and thereafter required some changes in the interface code. Also the code needs to be structured as Business objects classes, controller classes and adapter classes. The controller class will be invoking the methods in the adapter classes and using the business object to transfer the data from Accellos to MAS500 database and vice versa.

This involved extensive C# .NET and SQL Server 2008 programming, including writing of stored procedures to process the data.

MAS500 Physical Counts and XC records Processing

Physical Count processing would be processed in Accellos and uploaded to MAS 500. The end result would be a Physical Count batch sitting in MAS 500 Process Physical Counts. There will be no auto posting. Users will review the Reconcile Reports and Discrepancy Reports and manually post batches.

Also, we created a process to Move XC type records in the Accellos WMS upload table to MAS500 ERP database. The XC records info was updated specific tables in MAS500 database, making sure that there is a one to one relationship between the PO Header and SO Header Tables. Another constraint was successfully implemented, i.e. there should only be a single record for each PO or SO in the system.

MAS 500 Version Upgrade- 7.3 and 7.4

MAS00 7.3 and 7.4 version upgrades were implemented by Nest, by making the corresponding code changes in MAs500 Interface code and SQL Server Stored Procedures as per the updates done to the base products for each version.

MAS90 Extended Solutions & Retooling

MAS90 is an ERP package offered by Sage primarily targeting the wholesale distribution industry. It operates on Providex & Nomads, and is a file based system. MAS90 extended solutions are customizations offered by Sage to end customers for specific and generic enhancements. There are around 20 different software modules for managing domain functionalities in Accounting/Payroll, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Job Cost, Work Order and Bank Reconciliation.

We have expertise in packaging of extended solutions in the 4.30, 4.40 and 4.50 versions of MAS90. We have also done re-tooling of old version modules like Inventory management and Payroll based extended solutions into 4.40 version and development of new solutions for specific requirements. We have also used several Nomads UI utilities, Visual Integrator and custom office modules etc to create data layouts, interfaces and other enhancements. We have so far done packaging of around 80 solutions and retooling of around 12 solutions.

Sage CRM-M5 Integration

Sage CRM is a full-featured, web-based CRM solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy. Thousands of customers use Sage CRM to help their sales, marketing, and customer service teams build more profitable relationships every day. It offers front- to back-office integration across CRM and ERP. M5 Connect CTI (Computer Telephony API) by M5 Networks is a Provider of managed, hosted business Voice over IP

We developed an interface to integrate these two products. ActiveX’s API thread listens to M5 Servers so that any response on any of the call-ins and\or call-outs can be detected and acted up based on the response. We created a M5 ActiveX which loads up as a IE Add-on as below:

  • < plugin_name > .cab is deployed under “Plug-in” folder where Sage CRM is hosted. The same cab file is referred in the admin user account, So that the CRM is able to fire up when it loads itself the next time.
  • Once logged in (by any user) CRM loads the plug-in and injects the ActiveX plug-in as described by the activex itself. User can click on any number format with will automatically dial-out the # or use dial-pad in the active to make calls. Incoming calls are displayed in the ActiveX space in the order they arrive; these calls can be connected, put-on-hold, resumed or disconnected as desired.

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