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End-to-end services for power and smart grid

As the preferred engineering partner of industry majors, NeST has been adding value by way of developing and maintaining some of the most established products in power domain for last two decades. In early 90’s NeST developed conceptualized, designed and developed the first PC based SCADA system for an industry major. NeST has the entire spectrum of capabilities to provide systems to monitor and control all the elements involved - right from power generation to T&D to consumption. NeST has been working at the back ground to enable many of the world’s most respected and established brands to offer the next generation solutions to Power & Utility Companies to realize the Smart Grid, as it is envisaged.


Industry Offerings


Substation automation


Wide area monitoring

Energy management

Demand response

Utility data integration

Standards and protocols

Distribution management


Cloud computing



Embedded technologies

Internet of things

Enterprise solutions

Solution Accelerators


Utility data integration

Smart Metering

Demand response

Wide area monitoring

Configuration management

Test automation

Case Studies

Generation SCADA

Substation SCADA

Distribution Automation

SCADA Hardware

Condition Monitoring – Software

Condition Monitoring - Hardware

Substation Configuration Manager

CDMS Subsystem Development

Power Conditioning System

AMI System


Protocol Adapter

Independent Verification &Validation

Energy Management System Sustenance

Substation Automation System Maintenance

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