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Leveraging 13 years of product development and fab-deployment experience, NeST is now offering solutions and services to the Photo-Voltaic industry. Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing is similar to Semiconductor Manufacturing in many aspects. NeST's established products and solutions for equipment as well as factory automation in Semiconductor fabs, are now realigned to address the throughput requirements and coordinated control of PV industry. These new series of products helps OEMS and Fabs to get their automation requirements completed within a short span of time and with significant savings on effort.

NeST has a wide array of software products which can be used for Photovoltaic Cell manufacturing. ICE (Intelligent Control Environment), our equipment automation software, provides an efficient framework to automate any manufacturing equipment. ICE is a proven framework, used along with very complex manufacturing equipments deployed in various industrial automation scenarios, including many Semiconductor Fabs across the world. The efficient scheduler and the recipe management system ensures that the throughput matches the desired levels or even works out to be better. The product comes with a built- in event and alarm management system as well as diagnostic support. The flexible I/O system helps to integrate the framework with any hardware platform without much customization.

In addition to the framework product, NeST has extensive experience in the field of device connectivity. Our expertise spans across almost all types of devices used in Manufacturing Equipments, including different types of Robots. Moreover NeST has in-depth exposure in relevant industry standards as well as proprietary communication protocols, making our offerings attractive and beneficial to our customers.

Our solutions, especially the SECS/GEM based host connectivity package, are compliant with the industry practices and interfaces well with other standard packages without any difficulty. All products of NeST are compliant with respective standards of the target industry. NeST is also taking part in discussions conducted by the PVGroup (an initiative of SEMI) to formulate new set of standards relevant to the PV industry.

ICEConnect, our Host Interface Package, is SEMI and PV standards compliant. It includes E30 (GEM), E4 (SECS I), E5 (SECS II), E37 (HSMS), E87 (Carrier Management Standard), E40 (Process Job Management Standard), E94 (Control Job Management), E90 (Standard for Substrate Tracking and Management) and E116 (Standard for Equipment Performance Tracking). Our package for SECS/GEM communication is deployed in multiple installations worldwide. Please read through the case study, which describes the deployment of ICEConnect for a typical solar cell manufacturing facility.

Along with the products, the immense experience we have in various sub verticals of Industrial automation over the past 13+ years enables us to provide effective solutions to the problems faced by clients in the areas of equipment automation as well as host connectivity.




  • Wafer positioning
  • label identification
  • Automatic gap recognition
  • Geometry measurement
  • Measuring u cracks
  • Cluster tool, process module control
  • Auto-calibration and automatic alignment
  • Interface driver development for hardware
  • Software interlocks and UI development
  • Process monitoring, visualization



  • Automated wafer alignment
  • Printed wafer inspection
  • Open interface development
  • Geometry Measurement
  • Edge detection
  • Defect classification
  • Graphical display

Automation Practice

From our experience, we have observed that the automation needs differ from customer to customer and even from FAB to FAB. In order to cater to the unique needs of each deployment, we have made our products and solutions flexible, scalable and modular. It is Industry Focus our practice to impose our products on our customers; instead we prefer to understand their necessities thereby helping us customize our solutions as per their requirements . Over a period of time we have developed an Automation Practice which is proven and is working well with our clients

Our products are built on robust frameworks, which are based on fundamentals of manufacturing processes; hence, their performance is reliable in the factory. These ready-made frameworks ensure the availability of the basic system in place, in a very short span of time. The refinement of our product for more than a decade has made it very flexible too to customize it step-by-step to deliver the required optimum performance such as through-put, efficiency etc.

Case Studies

Host Connectivity

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