A NeST Group of Company

NeST provides a wide range of services to the aerospace industry to develop both ground-based and airborne systems. Our capabilities include development of software and hardware, verification and validation, simulation, continuous engineering, and reengineering. Our knowledge and experience in hardware engineering, software engineering, DSP and military standards enables us to offer a lower total cost of ownership over the complete product development lifecycle, thus delivering higher value to our clients. The NeST Avionics Team includes experienced aeronautical engineers and software specialists with many man-years of experience in the field of Black Box Decoding and Analysis. NeST is the market leader when it comes to developing and customizing solutions for avionics domain. Some of the major software products we provide are

FliSAFE - A FOQA tool that increases the effectiveness of any flight safety monitoring program.

PMT - Performance Monitoring Tool (PMT) effectively monitors aircraft performance and fuel consumption to enable airlines to control their cost thus providing an added edge in a fiercely competitive market.

FlightViz - A state-of-the-art Aircraft and Simulator data visualization tool developed by SimAuthor. We are authorized dealers for FlightViz.




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