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Sage X3 Technical Customization/Integration Experience

EDI Addon for X3

NeST has developed a EDI Product on X3 which is a fully-integrated ERP software product for Sage ERP X3 that is functionally-robust across manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM and accounting. MDX3 is the first such product available for Sage ERP X3 in USA.

The product is used to exchange data such as Purchase Orders, Invoices etc between Customers or Vendors. It is a flexible mapping tool which acts as a bridge to exchange transactions between Sage ERP X3 and translators such as QualEDI and Trusted Link. It allows the business users to define Trading Partners (Customers or Vendors) and associates mapping rules with Trading Partners and document types so that document data is processed as per the defined rules.

It follows EDI ANSI X12 standards and is developed using complex adonix 4GL programming, X3 Batch server and has user friendly GUI design and EDI functions. It uses the X3 batch server for scheduling automatic receiving and sending of EDI documents. Import/export functionality of X3 is used to exchange EDI data into and out of the system.

The core of this product is built around the Sales module and below document types are handled

Incoming Purchase Order (850 IN)

Incoming Purchase Orders from Customers are received by a process which makes use of X3’s built in import functionality. The purchase orders are then converted to Sales Orders in X3

Outgoing Invoice (810 OUT)

Once Sales Orders are processed, Invoices are generated and sent to the Customers. 810 OUT document fetches invoice details from the tables like SINVOICE, SINVOICED, SINVOICEP etc. and generates text files which conform to the Translators used by the Trading Partners.

Advance Shipment Notice (ASN/ 856 OUT)

ASN enables external systems to receive info about shipments and is used to notify a customer about an expected delivery. It is generated based on info available when a shipment leaves the warehouse. It uses data from the Sales and generates files based on the corresponding translators and maps and also generates data for the Label Printing.

Customization for Finlandia Cheese in X3

This was a Customization to Sage ERP X3 (Version 5). Requirement was to implement a process for calculating deduction to commissions for brokers. Options are given for configuring the GL accounts to be included for deductions, calculate, review and update deductions, finalize the deductions and post to General Ledger.

Created objects, screens, windows and understood usage of View objects in X3 which further helped the team to learn core development processes in X3. Adonix 4GL programming and SQL server tools were used comprehensively.

Shopping cart for Erasteel with interface to X3

Erasteel with interface to Sage ERP X3. The site enables Erasteel customers to place orders online. Functionalities like stock search, order search and invoice search are also available in the site. Orders placed on the site are sent online to Sage ERP X3 for order creation. X3’ EDI interface is used for integration to X3

PHP, Adonix X3 V1.4, SQL*Server 2000 were used and the team gained experience on key areas of X3 like usage of templates for Import, configuration of EDI status monitor and Import process customization.

Rebates Customization in X3

Objective of this project is to add a configurable and maintainable system of Rebates to the standard X3 product. System maintains different rebates to be applied to customers. The standard X3 Sale Order process is modified to determine the applicable rebate and the related cost and price values. The standard price is overridden by the rebate price if it exists.

Adonix 4GL programming and SQL server 2008 was extensively used. Key knowledge was gained in X3 functionalities like overriding standard sales price calculation, usage of Entry transactions and Context menu.

Recurring-Sales Order Process in X3

This was an enhancement done to the Sales order module of X3, to automatically generate repeating sales orders having detail line items(products) with a monthly or bi-monthly or tri-monthly reorder frequency specified. We had to update the shipment date and delivery date during line-repetition as per the frequency specified.

We developed an Adonix 4GL based application with processes called via batch server as tasks, to achieve the functionality. We had to extensively research on X3 Web services and XMLs used to create Sales orders automatically. We also grouped and automated the tasks to run automatically in specified intervals in the batch server.

The process was designed to do standard order export, replication and import. Standard adonix/X3 objects were called for Export and Import in the code. Also developed a Java OSGI bundle to send out email notifications during task errors and installed on the Java bridge server provided by Sage.

Authorize.net payment gateway integration with X3

This project integrates Sage ERP X3 with Authorize.net payment gateway with the intention of capturing a credit card transaction before shipping the products. Customer has a shopping cart web site for ordering products online.

During the order process, the transaction is authorized through Authroize.net gateway and this pre-authorization code will be saved together with web orders. The order gets created in Sage ERP X3 by using the web service feature of X3. While shipping the order the payment gateway is contacted for capturing the transaction.

X3’s Java Bridge Server 1.12 and OSGI framework is extensively used and the team gained knowledge on Installation and setup of Java Bridge Server, creation of OSGI bundles, calling customized OSGI bundles from with SAFE X3 platform etc as part of this project.

Enhancements for Shipyard in X3

This was an X3 development project involving work on the Bill of Materials. An X3 process was needed to update the alpha acid of the hops components with the new value, during a Bill of Material (BOM) creation in X3.

This was designed to be initiated as a batch job run from the menu and a popup window for giving search criteria is thrown. User can select a Hop component and new Alpha acid value and searchby Category or Parent product or BOM Alternate to find BOMs having that component and update the Alpha acid value. When saving a BOM and changing the alpha acid on a hops component,the user can see matching BOMs having same component and update Alpha Acid

Another X3 process was created to calculate the values of the new fields added to the BOM Detail line (like Adjusted PV and Adjusted Quantity, Lbs %, Oz, HOPS PV etc). This was done while creating a new BOM marked as ORIGINAL. Also created a X3 process done while saving a BOM (Original or Non-Original) , to recalculate the adjusted quantity, adjusted Hops PV and % of HOPS PV, Lbs, Oz, LBS %, if the user changes the “Average Yield Wanted” Field in the BOM Header.

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