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Sage X3 – Implementation and Functional Experience


  • We have analyzed the ability of SAGE X3 to research financial activity easily through a number of account, account balance, dimension, and dimension balance inquiries.
  • We have generated all company-specific operating statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports and inquiries.
  • We Oversaw the Support for commitment accounting with Budget comparisons against pre committed and committed amounts from Purchasing.
  • By Defining Business Partner we can identify and define different roles such as Customer, Supplier, sales Representative. For each type, the various roles and associated information can be defined, such as customer ship-to, bill-to, and pay-by as well as supplier buy-from, invoice-from, and pay-to information. Any number of partner contacts and addresses can be identified, such as supplier return-to locations.
  • By maintaining all relationship data and financial transactions uniformly, companies can view activity for a given BP across all aspects of the relationship, improving their ability to assess the relationships.


  • Managed all inbound, outbound, and intra-site stock movements through SAGE X3.
  • Receipts, shipments, inter-site transfers, and returns are tightly integrated with sales and purchasing.
  • All intra-site stock movements to and from the appropriate storage and picking locations are also managed.
  • Simple inter-site transfers can be entered without the need to create sales and purchase orders.
  • Enabled Inventory Balance Snapshots -Users can view stock balances by site including on-hand, reserved, available, on-order, in-transit, on backorder, and QC and also zoom to details at the location and lot levels.
  • Available-to-Promise and projected stock level inquiries help users to visually see;using tables, graphs, or charts;the impact of events like order allocations and planned purchase or production orders.
  • Sales information referring to substitutes, warranty periods, customer products, and packaging are; provided to Customer;


  • In the Sales module, the sales orders and the invoice details are setup.
  • Supporting information—such as supplier performance metrics, notes, previous purchase prices, and current promotions—can be displayed automatically or by user request.
  • Real Time Requestors enable us to keep track of Sales Orders, Purchase orders Sales Returns.
  • We worked on productivity-enhancing features include the ability to duplicate previous orders easily
  • Revised existing orders by populating changes in order date, carrier, or location across multiple line items
  • Special orders for loans, transfers, and consignments Add new customers online during order entry.
  • Provided Access to the latest data about business partners and products. Buy-from, pay-to, and bill-from information is displayed on purchasing documents


  • In the Manufacturing module we setup the Item master, BOMs, Routers & Work centers which is needed for the production of finished goods.
  • The Planning/Scheduling defines the details related to MRP and MPS.
  • We worked on Efficiency and its application with respect to set up time.
  • We have worked on analyzing the impact of By- Product on WO, BOM and Cost.
  • We have worked with routing Lead times on MRP Processing.
  • Subcontract Management covers the entire subcontract workflow from Purchase Requisition, Subcontract Order management, Subcontract Delivery, Subcontract Receipt, subcontract material inventory accounting, to subcontract expense settlement in SAGE X3.
  • We have worked on Firm Horizon and Demand Horizon and have seen the impact on MRP results.
  • The Scrap Formula in SAGE X3 is found to be superior to APICS formula as SAGE helps reduce quantity needed by more than 50 percent.

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